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Age: Seventeen

Location: Boca Raton

Status: undecided but Nikos a nice guy :-

Fav. Show: Currently its baseball but when thats over i enjoy Sopranos

Fav. Singer: Christina Aguilera Jessica Simpson Jennifer Lopez and D.B.C

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Oct 23, 2003
oh happy day

so im in a good mood right? well not only did i see the love of my life at the gym AGAIN today....BUT i came home and after i showered and sat down and turned on my stereo. and i almost died of heart failure when i heard.....CHRISTINA AGUILERA PLAYING. even though i later found out i had left my cd on all day at school (since i sleep with her cd still on) so the radio wasnt playing christina aguilera my cd was. BUT STILL i was overjoyed. i am definitely obsessed. but whatever! that incident definitely brought me from....yankees losing BAD mood to Christina Aguileras on the radio GOOD mood. it was fuckin great.....not to mention this kid makes me laugh everyday:

emopunkd: bah bah said the grotesque goat
SweetShorty55: ur so strange
emopunkd: i have a confession
SweetShorty55: okay?
emopunkd: i am deeply in love with chrstina agilara shes bodacious
isnt she bodacious
emopunkd: why yes i believe she is

Posted at 04:33 pm by sweetshorty55
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Oct 22, 2003
love is in the airrrrr

so i saw the love of my life at the gym right? o man hes so- hottttttt. uhm danny stop writing me comments u jerk lol. always have something to say....some things wont ever change. so niko called me to tell me my team was winning the game last night right? we are definitly in love, even though he has no running water....jk. i have to clean my room now.

Posted at 02:27 pm by sweetshorty55
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Oct 21, 2003
hello to a stranger?

what the fuck? so people think they can write me messages when i havent talked to them in fuckin years. MARCCCCCCCCC please pretend like me and alex havent been wondering where the frick u have been....ya so im sitting here watching music videos and alex is looking up books. HAHAHAHA (YEAH I SAID IT ALEX)

Posted at 03:47 pm by sweetshorty55
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so im sitting in front of the computer on the phone with....yeah im talking to Niko, problem?....i didnt go to school today but im glad cause theres certain people i would NOT want to talk or see today....random people i am NOT friends with send me gay ass emails and guess what? i delete that shit i hate u all.  When theres a selected few in the room you might not wanna turn ur back. because believe it or not they will stab the shit outta u. fuck um all. so the baseball games on right? GO YANKEES! ya i said it. and anyone who thinks differently can bite me.  So tune in at 8 for the game and root for the yankees or die.  Kthx. 

Posted at 12:40 pm by sweetshorty55
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Oct 20, 2003
Everyone is out of control

nobody likes me, but thats okay cause i dont like yall anywayso everyones out of control right? maybe they are....out of 100 people i know i trust 3....well NOW i trust 2. people always seem to suprise me, just when u think u have this trust with people they always seem to break it....OR talk massive amounts of shit.. either way :) so people talk shit about me right? well i hate u all anyway so it works out great. maybe i should just talk shit about everyone and see what the big deal is....OH THATS RIGHT IM BETTER THEN THAT. assholes.

now onto more positive things.... so my boyfriend is in poverty right? ya Niko has no money and only a payphone problem? hahahaha....only the important people will its about time i ignore every asshole IMing me and put up my away message....

Posted at 06:35 pm by sweetshorty55
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